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Auditions are over for the fall. We will be holding another round of auditions on March 8 to supplement the ensemble of The Wizard of Oz and to cast 13 & Little Women. Check back here and at our Facebook page for updates about those auditions.

View the season calendar here. (Link opens in a new window.)
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This important document contains the photo release, company member conduct pledge, and medical release information.
This must be read, signed, and turned in at the audition! (We will have hard-copies on hand at auditons.)
Click to download a copy to print. (150kb PDF)
Information for NEW Running to Places Company Members:
What is Running to Places Theatre Company?
Running to Places (R2P) is a youth community theatre company that brings together middle & high school students from across the area. We're in the business of youth development, helping raise our community's children and making excellent theatre in the process. According to our Mission Statement, we exist to “to provide young people with opportunities for theatrical performances in which they are the primary artists and technicians, to contribute to the artistic life of any community of which we may be a part, and to advance the artistic horizons and knowledge of young people in the theatrical arts.” Put another way, this is a place for you to come do theatre and make an artistic and social home for yourself if you like.
How do I become a part of all this?
If you’re looking to be onstage, it takes auditioning; if you’re interested in working on other aspects of the production, it just takes letting us know. We don’t cut anyone and there is no fee to participate (although donations are gratefully accepted).
What will I get out of it?
Working in theatre will give you skills and experiences in areas that you’ll benefit from your whole life including:
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-expression
  • Working under pressure with a deadline you can’t move
  • Taking and assimilating direction gracefully
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Poise speaking in front of others
  • Time management and self-discipline
  • Valuing your contributions as an individual and to a team
Not to mention:
  • Possibly making the best friends of your life
  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive community that will celebrate you being you!
If you go on to pursue theatre, you’ll have training in acting, singing, dancing, plus an understanding of best-practices for the industry; if you are doing it just to have a lot of fun, you’ll have that, too!
What does it take to be a company member?
First thing you have to do is show up. Walking in the door to audition can seem scary at first, but we promise to be the friendliest people you’ll ever audition for. After that, you’ll need to show up as called for rehearsals and, of course, performances. We work fast – typically rehearsing a show in roughly half the amount of time as a typical school show. You’re expected to put in work on your own time memorizing lines, practicing dances, etc. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need to do all that, though.
Will I be at all of the rehearsals?
Not necessarily. We work hard to make sure we use your valuable time well. That means only scheduling people to come to rehearsal when they’ll have something specific to rehearse. We ask you to check your calendars and be available for all rehearsals, as we can’t tell you when we begin what parts we’ll be rehearsing on which days. But as we go along, we build the schedule and will give you as much notice as possible exactly which times you will be called for which days. As you can imagine, juggling a few dozen cast members and their conflicts makes it tricky to build an efficient rehearsal schedule. This is why it’s very important to let us know about your conflicts ahead of time. (You’ll be asked to list them on the audition sign-up form.) We know that life happens and unexpected circumstances come up, but please let us know about things as soon as possible.
If I’m not cast in a show I want to be involved in, can I still participate in some way?
You’ll have opportunities and invitations to help with sets, costumes, props, stage management, concessions, etc. – but no one is required to. (But ask anyone who has – it’s a ton of fun, and you’ll learn a lot in the process!) You can indicate areas of interest when you sign up to audition – but we always cast you first and then look at these areas of interest.
What will the auditions consist of?
The auditions will consist of singing, acting, and dancing. The singing and acting will take place during individual 5-minute slots. You will sing 16-32 measures of a song of your choice and perform a 30-60 second memorized monologue. You may be asked to sing some scales, and we'll probably chat a little. The dancing will take place in a group. As a group, you will learn a short dance combination suitable for dancers of all levels, rehearse it several times, and then perform it in groups a couple of times for the directors.
How can I find audition songs and monologues?
You can choose songs from musicals (listen to The Best of Broadway on 91.7 WICB every Sunday morning from 10am-12pm for ideas.) or movies. You can find monologues in plays, books, movies or TV shows. The library and the good old interwebs are great places to look. (In case you need a head start looking for materials, we've created a section with songs and monologues that you are welcome to use.)  
Will there be a piano and accompanist?  Do I bring a copy of my music?
Yes, we will provide a piano accompanist. You should bring a copy of the music clearly marked with "Start" and "Stop" for your 16-32 measures. (Literally, write those words on the music so the accompanist knows where to begin and end.) You will have a moment before going in to audition with the accompanist to review your “Start” and “Stop” and discuss the tempo you'd prefer. If necessary, you may also sing without accompaniment if don't have the music, though an accompanied audition is a better way for us to get to know you musically.
What should I wear for the dance audition?
You don't necessarily need to wear dance clothes or shoes (although you are encouraged to if you have them), but you should be able to move comfortably. Jeans, boots, short skirts, revealing clothing and excessive jewelry are not recommended. You will also have time to change between your audition slot and the dance audition, if you wish.
What are callbacks and what if I don’t receive one at all or for a show I’m interested in?
Callbacks are another round of auditions in which we have people sing and/or read material for particular roles from shows being cast. A callback for one role might actually serve for several similar roles in a show, so being called back for a particular role doesn’t mean you are auditioning just for that role. If you do not receive a callback it DOES NOT mean you are not cast, or even that you are not cast in a supporting or lead role. We only have so much time for callbacks, and we use it to find out what we don’t yet know and need to figure out in terms of appropriate castings. We also sometimes call people back for a variety of educational reasons, such as gaining the experience of auditioning alongside others. Please do not try to read too much into callbacks – there are lots of reasons why someone is or is not called back for a particular role, or at all.
How will the directors remember who everyone is when casting?
You do not need to bring a headshot or other photograph. We will take a picture when you arrive and video record the audition for our reference when casting later. You will also be given a name tag.
Who will be watching my audition?
The only folks watching the open audition will be the director, music director, choreographer, and an accompanist. We do not allow friends or relatives to sit in on auditions. The only time other students will be present is during the group dance audition. Callbacks will involve groups of students called for roles.
Information for ALL Running to Places Company Members:
Is there a fee to participate?
NOPE! Once upon a time there was, but not anymore. Effective immediately, participation in R2P is entirely FREE — company members will not be required to pay the costs for the shows. No more mandatory tuition, no more applying for scholarships, no more tuition invoices. As an organization, we have rededicated ourselves to our founding principle of universal accessibility and torn down a significant financial barrier to entry. We spent last season getting our financial house in order so we could take this important step now — all while maintaining R2P's financial health going forward.

This is possible thanks to our generous
Scholarship Sponsors and donors. While there is no participation fee, we gratefully accept tax-deductible donations. We hope that families who are able to make a donation to R2P will do so – it makes a big difference in allowing us to keep the doors wide open to every interested young person in our community.

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with a tax-deductible donation.

What are the requirements to audition?
  • Be in grades 6 – 12 (or the homeschool equivalent)
When and where are the auditions, and when will casting be complete?
Auditions will be held on Saturday, September 27 (10am-6:00pm) and Sunday, September 28 (1-9pm) at the Just Be Cause Center. (1013 West State St/MLK Jr. St. in Ithaca – directions) Here is the schedule for:

5-minute song/monologue audition slots:
  • GROUP 1: 10:00-11:15am
  • GROUP 2: 12:30-1:45pm
  • GROUP 3: 2:00-3:15pm
  • GROUP 4: 4:30-6:00pm

45 minute group dance slots:
  • Dance Audition for GROUPS 1 & 2: 11:30am-12:15pm
  • Dance Audition for GROUPS 3 & 4: 3:30-4:15pm

5-minute song/monologue audition slots:
  • GROUP A: 1:00-2:15pm
  • GROUP B: 3:30-4:45pm
  • GROUP C: 5:00-6:15pm
  • GROUP D: 7:30-9:00pm

45 minute group dance slots:
  • Dance Audition for GROUPS A & B: 2:30-3:15pm
  • Dance Audition for GROUPS C & D: 6:30-7:15pm

Callbacks will be on Saturday, October 11 (3-9pm) and Sunday, October 12 (12-9pm) at the Just Be Cause Center (JBCC). The cast lists will be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 15. Everyone who auditions will be cast in at least one show.
What shows do these auditions cover in terms of casting?
  • Fame: (grades 9-12) Set at the high school of performing arts in NYC, passionate teens pursue their dreams of making a life in the arts. Contains the frank discussions of sex and sexuality, drug use and abuse, issues of race, and adult language. Also super fun music and dancing. Performances: January 16-18.
  • Daisy Pulls It Off: (grades 6-12) Hilarious comedy (non-musical) about hijinks and intrigue at an all-girls prep school in England in the 1930s. Picture the Harry Potter stories where Hermione is the main character and Hogwarts isn't magic, but is much funnier. Cheesy British accents galore. Performances February 27-March 1.
  • The Wizard of Oz: (grades 6-9) The stage version of the classic movie you all know and love. Ruby slippers, yellow brick roads, wicked witches and flying monkeys. Performances May 15-17.


These auditions will also be attended by the artistic staff of the
Kitchen Theatre Company (KTC). Joey's long-time friend and collaborator Rachel Lampert is the artistic director there. Along with KTC Associate Producing Director Lesley Greene, Rachel has been developing a new family musical in cooperation with the Cornell physics department called: Physics Fair. The KTC will be seeking 7 middle and/or high school students to perform the show at the Kitchen. It is also possible that the show may travel elsewhere, possibly to Washington D.C. for a science conference. The R2P fall auditions will allow our friends at the KTC to cast the show by attending these auditions and then scheduling their own callbacks in the next few weeks.
  • Physics Fair: (grades 6-12) An original family musical produced by and performed at the Kitchen Theatre. The show will feature fun music and integrated real science experiments and demonstrations. The rehearsals for Physics Fair will be generally Saturdays and Tuesdays beginning October 18 with matinee performances January 31 and February 1.
Is there a way for me to read the script or hear the music ahead of time?
Sure. We have copies at the Just Be Cause Center (1013 West State St/MLK Jr. St. in Ithaca – directions). Email or call/text 607-216-8750) to make arrangements to borrow materials.
How do I decide if I can make the time commitment to a particular show?
You should be able to attend all or most rehearsals, including ALL technical rehearsals and performances, including post-show strike. Please check the calendar to look at the full schedule of rehearsals with times, by show.
If I audition, am I guaranteed to be cast in a show?
Absolutely. We don't cut anyone and work hard to find the best match for each person within the season in at least one show.
How does R2P decide what shows and roles to consider me for?
There's a place on the audition form to indicate which shows you'd like to be considered for based on your interest and availability. From there, we consider your strengths and the needs of the shows across the season. It's our job to put people in the places we feel they will have the most success.
What should I bring the day of the audition?
  1. A completed and signed hard-copy of the audition form. This includes information like a photo release (so we have permission to take photos of you in the shows) and other legal requirements. You can download the required form here or at the top of this page. You can also bring a parent/guardian with you and fill it out the day of auditions.
  2. Your music for the pianist, clearly marked with the place to “start” and “stop” playing.
  3. Your monologue if you want to look it over while waiting. You don't need to bring it into the audition itself.
  4. A change of clothing and/or shoes for your dance audition, if you wish.
  5. Water and perhaps some healthy snacks!
What are those who are casting looking for?
You should have your songs and monologue memorized. We'll be looking for you to be audible, interesting, and confident. Even if you're nervous, pretend you're not (it's about acting after all!), and we won't know the difference. You should know who you are talking/singing to and why. What are you trying to convince them of? What effect do you want to have on them by saying this? During the dance audition, we are not only looking for dance ability, but also the willingness to learn and fully commit to trying.
What should I do to help myself have a good audition?
Be prepared. Be well rested and nourished. Arrive in plenty of time to check in with the stage manager at the sign-in table, get your picture taken, turn in required paperwork, relax, get a drink of water, etc. before your audition. And remember, we want you to do great! We know that auditions can be nerve-wracking. (Believe us, we've done them, too!) Just keep in mind we want to see and hear everyone do well -- we're your biggest fans!
What else should I be prepared to do when I come in for my audition?
You should be prepared to tell us who you are and what your pieces are from. A complete summary of the play or situation isn't necessary. You should put your focus straight out while you speak/sing (so we can see your smiling face), but look over our heads – not right at us. This way, we won't feel like we need to act in the scene with you, and you won't be distracted when we look down to write, "nice job!" or "would be good to play _____."
How do I sign up to audition?
YOU MAY SIGN UP ONLINE TO AUDITION HERE. (Link goes live again prior closer to auditions.) You may also call/text (607-216-8750) to sign up by phone.