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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

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(photo by George Cannon)

Thank you to our audiences – all three performances were SOLD OUT! And thank you to the families and friends of our company members for making the show possible. Additionally, thank you to the following businesses and organizations for their support: Joseph was exclusively sponsored by the Inn on Columbia, with scholarship support from Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Mama Goose/Mimi's Attic, and an anonymous fund at the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, grant support from Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, the Park Foundation and Triad Foundation, and season-long support from CSP Management.


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R2P’s Artistic Director Joey Steinhagen takes a special “Season 10” turn as Harold Hill in this beloved American classic that’s perfect for the entire family!
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A collection of the funniest one-act plays you’ve ever seen – monkeys banging away at typewriters, imaginary languages, the world’s worst first date, and more!
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MAY 12-14
The smash hit where musical styles from 50’s rock to country/western to 60’s Go-Go to French torch song combine to tell a familiar & colorful tale.
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JULY 5-16
Moving stories, compelling characters, and brilliant music combine with equal parts laughter and heart that may very well change your entire weltanschauung, but hopefully not lugubriously.
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AUGUST 11-13
Based on the hit movie from the neon decade, Footloose is the perfect summer blockbuster. Featuring hit songs and explosive dancing, get ready to kick off your Sunday shoes!
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Thanks to support from people like you, participation in R2P is FREE! Make a Gift…