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Running to Places is a youth community theatre company that brings together middle and high school students from across the area. We're in the business of youth development, helping raise our community's children and making excellent theatre in the process.

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The cast lists for the rest of the season have been completed. If you auditioned, but haven't received an email about it, please let us know.


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Friday, March 21

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By donating via the button above, you will have a share of a Community Scholarship Sponsorship. Your donation will be used exclusively to support our scholarship program, making participation accessible to all the youth in our community. Local businesses like Tompkins Trust Company and Snug Planet are Scholarship Sponsors – now you and your neighbors can be, too!

The 2013-14 Season

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Single Tickets and Subscriptions are available at:

105 West State/MLK Jr. St., Ithaca